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The religious education program at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church is dedicated to educating your child in the faith of the Orthodox Church.  We strive to create an environment which nutures their religious awareness which has been started by you in your family.

As parents, you have brought your child to the Church to be baptized, acknowledging your commitment, dedication, and responsibility to training your child in the practice of their faith.  We are here to help you.

We live in difficult times, when more and more, God is not acknowledged in our daily lives and the message of Christ that we "Love one another" is our personal challenge.  Daily we are confronted and must respond to the world which often is not supportive, kind, or caring.  We are obligated to do the best we can to give the children a religious foundation that will support, nuture and guide them throughout their lives.  Our Church School, coupled with caring teachers and God's love welcomes you and your child.  We look forward to a wonderful Church School year.

The educational programs will no longer begin at 9 a.m. Instead, the children and teens will be the first to receive Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy. They will then have a snack, go to their respective groups and begin their session.

Each session will begin at approximately 11:15 or 11:20 a.m. and conclude at noon. The schedule for the year will consist of 25 sessions.