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Overview -

In order to coordinate the work of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building up His Holy Church, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church has eleven distinct parish ministries. All parishioners are encouraged to be involved in at least one of them.

Administrative Ministry -

Pastor - Fr. Paul Kucynda
Senior Warden - John Levitsky

Junior Warden - JoAnn McKaba

Secretary - Lorraine Ciarfella
Treasurer - Michael Santangelo

The Administrative Ministry oversees the daily operations of the parish, and the work of all eleven parish ministries. It coordinates parish communications and represents the parish both within the OCA and to the local community.

Building and Grounds Ministry -

Coordinator - John Penkrat/John O'Brien

The Building and Grounds Ministry oversees the general maintenance of parish property.

Church Services Ministry -

Coordinator - John Levitsky

The Church Services Ministry ensures that the church building is a place of beauty and reverence befitting the Divine Services through ushering parishioners and guests into the church, decorating the church for major Holy Days, and care for the candles and candle stands.

Education Ministry -

Coordinator - Fr. Paul Kucynda

The Education Ministry is responsible for developing the educational system of our parish which includes the church school, and the teen and adult education programs. It also organizes retreats and workshops and cares for the parish libraries and reference information.

Finance Ministry -

Coordinator - Michael Santangelo

The Finance Ministry cares for all financial matters of the parish.

Group Ministry -

Coordinator - 

The Group Ministry strengthens the peer ministry groups within the parish, coordinates visitation to the homebound, hospitalized and institutionalized and seeks to re-establish contact with those parishioners who have drifted away from the life of the Church. This ministry also coordinates the enrichment program, the parish communication network ("telephone chain") and parish hospitality such as Sunday coffee hour and other receptions.

Human Services Ministry -

Coordinator -

The Human Services Ministry is responsible for the charity work of the parish. The work includes assisting parishioners in need of information regarding various social service agencies (Medicaid, Medicare, etc) and coordinating transportation for people who need assistance traveling to and from the Divine Services. This ministry also maintains our parish's involvement in the Wayne Interfaith Network.

Liturgical Ministry -

Pastor - Fr. Paul Kucynda

Choir Director - Michael Geeza

The Liturgical Ministry facilitates the liturgical life of the parish, including choir programs, music education, liturgical readers and altar servers.

Outreach Ministry -

Coordinator -

The Outreach Ministry maintains the greeters program, coordinates follow-ups with visitors and guests of the parish and helps integrate new parishioners into parish life. It also develops strategies and materials to reach out to the local community including a program on public access television and the parish website.

Stewardship Ministry -

Coordinator -

The Stewardship Ministry cultivates the active participation of each parishioner in the concrete work of the Church, encouraging each member of the parish to give freely of his or her time, talent and treasury.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry -

Coordinator -

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry coordinates the programs and activities for members of the parish between the ages of 22 and 30. In addition to maintaining a peer ministry of maturing adults within the parish, they also provide an outreach to the college-age young adults of William Paterson University and Montclair State University.

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