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Father Paul's 50th Anniversary in the Priesthood

Father Paul has been serving at our parish for 50 years. As we celebrate this incredible milestone in his life, we are reminded of his tireless work, and that of +Matushka Barbara. May her memory be eternal and may God grant Father Paul many blessed years!

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Bishop Michael's Visit and Christmas Youth Performance--2017 - 12/25/17

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Pascha 2017 - 04/16/17

A selection of photos from our parish's annual celebration of Christ's Resurrection.

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!


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Christmas 2015. Christ is Born! Glorify Him! - 12/24/15

Once again the children stole the show at the end of vespers with their presentation of our Lord's birth.   The Children's Tableau is an annual favorite at Holy Resurrection.

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St. Nicholas Day Christmas Bazaar and Concert - 12/13/15

Tasty baked goods and great music at this year's Christmas Bazaar and St. Nicholas Day Concert!

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Bishop Michael Visits Holy Resurrection - 11/22/15

Our Parish was blessed when Bishop Michael made an annual visit this past November! As always, he inspired us to grow as a community, and to be better stewards of all the blessings God has given us.

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Sunday Church School and Picnic - 09/20/15

We kicked off the school year and Sunday Church School Classes with lots of food to grill at our annual church school picnic.  It was a picture perfect day as anyone that could kick a ball, and even some that coulndn't, joined in for the soccer game!    

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Pascha 2015 Vespers and Children's Egg Hunt - 04/12/15

This is the Day of Resurrection!  Pascha oh joyous Pascha!  The children all partcipated in the procession at the end of the Paschal Vespers Service.  It was also the perfect day for the annual egg hunt.  Father "Bunny" Paul made his traditional guest appearance.

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Pascha Vigil 2015 - 04/12/15

Pascha is always a great celebration at Holy Resurrection!  Young and old we greet the Day of Resurrection with joy!  Father Paul cries out, "Christ is Risen"! In unison we respond, "Indeed He is Risen!"

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2015 Children Completing First Confessions - 02/28/15

As part of their preparation for Great Lent, the children at Holy Resurrection Church worked dilligently with their church school teacher (Mrs. Reese) to be ready to enter into the Sacrament of Confession for the first time.  On February 28th they each stood before God with their lists.  With Father Paul at their side, as a witness, they took turns asking God for His forgiveness for their sins.  On Sunday they each partook in the Sacrament of Communion as they always did.  However, this time it was a little different... Perhaps their conscience was feeling a little lighter as though a load had been lifted away.  It is most certain that their stomachs were feeling lighter, since they had each fasted before partaking of Communion.  So, it was only appropriate to share in a large pancake breakfast afterwards.

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The Miraculous Icon of St. Anna - 06/14/14

As we continue to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, our Parish was blessed on June 14th by a visit of the Miraculous Icon of St. Anna, Mother of the Mother of God!

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