2015 Children Completing First Confessions - 02/28/15

As part of their preparation for Great Lent, the children at Holy Resurrection Church worked dilligently with their church school teacher (Mrs. Reese) to be ready to enter into the Sacrament of Confession for the first time.  On February 28th they each stood before God with their lists.  With Father Paul at their side, as a witness, they took turns asking God for His forgiveness for their sins.  On Sunday they each partook in the Sacrament of Communion as they always did.  However, this time it was a little different... Perhaps their conscience was feeling a little lighter as though a load had been lifted away.  It is most certain that their stomachs were feeling lighter, since they had each fasted before partaking of Communion.  So, it was only appropriate to share in a large pancake breakfast afterwards.